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How To Embed Google Drive Audio, Video or Document on WordPress website

What does it mean to embed a file?
To embed a file means to view such file on a website even though it is stored on a different location.
Well, a typical example is youtube, you have seen youtube videos on websites, this is possible because youtube videos can be embedded to other websites

In this tutorial, I will show you how to embed files stored on Google Drive to your wordpress website (non-wordpress website can also do this).

Why Embed Google drive files to your website?
1. You can play Mp3 files stored on your google drive directly on your website.
2. You can play videos stored on your google drive directly on your website
3. You can read a document like MSword, pdf directly to your website using the embed code.
4. You get to save your bandwith because when an embedded file is accessed on your website, the content is served by Google.

How to Embed Google Drive file to WordPress.
1. Go to google drive and right-click on a file you wish to embed to your website.
2. Click “Get Sharable Link”
2. Head over to our direct link generator  and paste the link.

4. Click “Generate Direct Link”.
A direct download link and an Embed link would be generated.

5. Copy the generated embed code and past it in your WordPress text editor (Text view)
Note that there is a link generator for audio files and a different one for Video and other documents.

Google drive to wordpress

This is how it displays on the front end.

Google drive to wordpress

You can also embed a video or a document such as PDF, MSword etc.
To do this, use the video/document like generator

Follow the steps stated above.
Below is a PDF document I embedded to a WordPress website.

Google drive to wordpress

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