Google Drive Direct link generator

How To Create A Direct Download Link For Your Google Drive File

Google Drive gives you the option to share your file with others.

How can you do this?
Simply right-click on a file in Google Drive and select “Get Sharable Link
This would automatically copy the file link and you can simply share the link with others.

However, when they click on this link, it takes them to google drive and some may not know how to download this file from google drive.

This is why it’s important to convert your file to a direct download link.

How to create a Google Drive direct download link?
1. Log on to

2. Paste your google drive link in the form field

3. Click Generate Direct Link

Now you can share that Direct Download link or place it on your WordPress website.

Google drive to wordpress

When a user clicks on the link, it downloads the file directly without reloading the page. This is how it looks on the frontend.

Google drive to wordpress

NOTE: Direct download link cannot be created for a Google docs file, alternatively you can save the docs file as an MSWord document and create a download link for this.

You can also embed the Google Drive file on your WordPress website.
Click Here to see how.

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