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Getting Started With Google Drive – 8 Things To Know

Google Drive is one of the most versatile cloud storage services available today. In this short article, I would give you an overview of Google Drive.
Let’s dig in
1. What is Google Drive?
Google drive is a cloud storage where users can store files such as documents, photos, audio and video files etc.

2. How can I get access?
To get access to this service, simply create a Gmail account and you automatically get 15Gb free cloud storage space on google drive.
To access this space, log on to and log in.
If you already have a Gmail account, then just log on to google drive.

3. What can be stored on Google drive?
Any type of file can be stored on google drive, such as images, word documents, audio files, video files, pdf, powerpoints, etc. You can back up your photos to your google drive account.

4. How can I access the files I save on google drive?
You can access them via a web browser, preferably Google Chrome or the mobile application downloadable from the play store and app store. You can also download the desktop application.

5. Are my files secure?
Yes, but note that you have a role to play in this. Use strong passwords for your Gmail account and don’t use public unsecured wifi or a public computer to access your files.

6. Can I increase the space I have on Google drive?
Yes, you can. You can upgrade to Google One plan and get 1Terabyte on your google drive space as I did.

7. Is Google drive synced across all devices?
Yes, Google drive is synced, such that when you upload a document via your computer, it can also be assed using your Google drive desktop and mobile app.
8. Can I share my files on google drive with others?
Yes, you can share your files on google drive with others.
There are two ways to do this
a. You can create a direct download link and share it with others to have them download your file.
b. You can embed your file on a WordPress website or any website and have people access the files from your website. Such as streaming a video, playing Mp3 or even read a document.
See the tutorial on how to share your Google drive files.

So start taking advantage of free 15Gb of Google drive cloud storage today.

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