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5 Reasons You Should Start Using Your Free 15Gb On Google Drive

Did you know that if you have a Gmail account, this gives you 15Gb of cloud storage for free?
Here are 5 reasons you should start using Google Drive

1. It’s free.
It doesn’t cost you any money to use google drive to store and manage your files. So why not. Also, you can store any kind of file, such as photos, mp3, mp4, documents, etc.

2. Access your important files anywhere.
With google drive you can access your files anywhere you are, provided you have internet access. They have a mobile app you can download to your phone to manage your files on the go.

3. Share your files with others and on your website.
Google Drive gives you the ability to share your files with others via a link. You can also create a direct download link using this our Direct Link Generator. You can also embed your file to your WordPress website or any website.

4. Backup your files
You can use google as a backup for your photos and important documents.

5. Free additional apps
You can edit your documents on google drive using google docs and other tools that Google provides for free.

So what are you waiting for?
Start using your 15Gb of free cloud storage today.

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